Villainous Grounds Coffee Roasters

Made with Love

From bean to cup, we strive to make and serve only the best. We pour our hearts into the roaster with each batch. We love what we do!


It is our goal to provide as many organic and healthier options to serve to our customers as possible.

Coffee Shop Menu


We only purchase beans that are ethically sourced and farmed with enviromental and social integrity.

Our coffee packaging is 100% compostable, including the zipper, valve, and label. It's also made in the USA!  

We reuse and repurpose packing boxes and materials to ship all of our items. Waste not!

AND we encourage our customers to bring in their own cups and reuse packaging.

Shop Coffee & Such

Our coffees are roasted to order. If we already have it available, your order will be filled immediately. However, when coffee is fresh roasted it needs to sit for a minimum of 3 days.

Mondays are typically our roast days but if the need arises we will roast more often. If we cannot fill your order immediately we will give you an estimated ship date. Orders of $35 or more are eligible for FREE Shipping (US Only)  

Please leave a note at check out to specify the type of grind if you need your coffee ground.

All Coffee Prices Include Tax

Coffee Beans - Villainous Blend Medium Roast Organic

Sold out

LIMITED TIME: Coffee Beans - Double Elked Bourbon Barrel Aged - 1/2 Pound ONLY

Sold out

Coffee Beans - Espresso Blend Organic

Sold out

Coffee Beans - Decaf Mexican Veracruz Single Origin Mountain Water Processed Medium Roast

Sold out

Coffee Beans - Ebony Elk Italian Roast Organic

Sold out

Coffee Beans - Papua New Guinea Dark Roast Organic

Sold out

Coffee Beans - Tanzania Mbeya Single Origin Light Roast

Sold out

Coffee Grounds - Individual Packets for 5 Cup Drip Coffee Makers - 10 Pack

Sold out

Coffee Shop Staples

Coffee shops typically have more than just coffee and we're no exception! We do not serve a full breakfast but do we have lots of options.

Chocolate Truffles

We offer a selection of truffles & treats from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory in St. Louis. Each morsel is a little bite of heaven!

Enjoy one while you sit in the shop or take a six-pack to go!


We now make most of our Patries in house. We have lots of Gluten Friendly options available.

Coffee Alternatives

Don't like coffee? It's allowed! We have many beverages to offer so if you don't like coffee we might still have something to tempt you! Many of our teas are from The Republic of Tea and we also carry a very fun and VERY blue Butterfly Pea Flower.

Got Blue Milk?