Villainous Grounds

Coffee Roaster, Comics, Books & More...

On the Square in Downtown Perryville, MO

Regular Business Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 6am-5pm

Monday 6am-10am

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Holiday & Special Hours 2024

5/27 Mon - Closed for Memorial Day

6/24 Mon - Closed

7/4 Thurs - Closed for Independence Day

7/20-22 Sat/Sun/Mon - Closed for Heroes for Kids Comic Con

9/2 Mon - Closed for Labor Day

11/27 Wed - Closing at 10 am

11/28 Thurs - Closed for Thanksgiving

12/24 Tues - Closing at 10am

12/25 Wed - Closed for Christmas

12/31 Tues - Closing at 10am

Shop Address

26 N Jackson St.

Perryville, MO 63775


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