The Pumpkins are Coming...

Fall is nearly upon us.  In the coffee world - it's already here.  That's right, it's Pumpkin Spice Season.  The days are getting a little shorter, temperatures are cooler overnight.  Flip-flops are disappearing and boots are being dug out of the closet.  For those who enjoy the "spice" it's your time to shine! 
Autumn isn't all about pumpkins though.  Bonfires, leaf peeping, hayrides, football games... it's all ingrained in us as part of the season.  But keep one thing in mind - coffee isn't just for waking up or to support your "spice" addiction.  A cup in the evening sitting around the campfire, that soothing cup on a rainy fall afternoon, the bedtime cup of decaf to calm your jangled nerves - coffee is an everyday and every time of day drink.  We sell beans to fit all your needs.
Who am I kidding - Pumpkin Spice is back baby!  We'll be doing lots of fun drinks over the next three months with the "spice" as well as our other seasonal flavor, Maple.  

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