Look out for that Elk!

We toyed with an idea soon after we began aging raw coffee beans in a
bourbon barrel. What about rum? We could have infused our barrel with
rum and changed the flavor but we really wanted to continue offering the
“Double Elked” Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beans. So I went down a rabbit-hole.

In the wine-making industry, it is a popular option to add toasted oak planks
and pieces to the wine vats instead of aging wine in barrels to absorb the notes.
I kind of did something similar with our favorite brand of rum.

I stopped by the Perryville Stave Company and they hooked me up with
toasted Missouri White Oak planks. We cut them to fi t in a container and I’ve
been soaking them for several weeks in rum. The oak only enhanced
the flavor. Now that the liquid has been absorbed, we are adding a Brazilian

Bean in the bucket to age, nestled around that wood. We will know mid-
November if it works. If it does, this opens up a whole new world of options.

We’re not infusing coffee with artificial flavors or oils that will gum up your grinder. And there’s no alcohol content once they’ve been roasted. We’re anticipating notes of vanilla, caramel, and sugared oak to compliment the chocolatey goodness from the roasted beans. YUMMY!

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