Enabler  noun   A person or thing that makes something possible.  
February is the month of extremes (just hopefully not extreme cold again!).  First we have Mardi Gras and then Lent.  Excess and sacrifice.  While the excess can be a lot of fun, the sacrifice...
For those giving up sugar - we have tons of keto friendly options.  No chocolate?  I can attest that there is, indeed, life after chocolate - but everyone around me has to sacrifice.  Giving up coffee?  Say it ain't so!  However, we have a large selection of tea and other options to help you maintain your caffeine levels.  Giving up dining out?  We do sell beans and teas that you can brew at home!  Sacrifice is hard but we are creative and are here to help you (and those around you) through it!  
Happy February!

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