Change can be good...'s just not always easy.  Our pastry chef of 5+ years announced that she is closing for personal health reasons.  We explored some options but ultimately decided I'll make the bulk of our pastries in-house along with bringing in a few items from other sources such as Olive Branch.  Change?  That's part of owning a small business; roll with the punches.
Having severe food intolerances, I'm coming into this with a unique perspective.  While only making enough treats to accompany our beverages (we aren't a full bakery), I want to explore more allergy-friendly treats.  Each allergen type has dedicated equipment and I'm employing strict cleaning processes to prevent cross contamination.  Another challenge is that I'm baking in what David calls my EZ Bake Oven.  This brings new meaning to "small batch"!
Most days I spend at least three hours in our kitchen at home and it brings me joy.  Hopefully, I can transfer that joy and love into each morsel I bake here at the shop.  I'll be working for a while to perfect each offering so please be open to change! 

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