Back to School Routine

Over the last seven years we've watched your children grow up; some from barely clearing the counter to now being in high school.  One of the things we strive to maintain is an environment conducive to studying or visiting with friends.  We're quite proud that parents feel comfortable allowing their children to meet here.  With the wide variety on our menu, everyone can find something they like as well.
In this age of remote learning and being WiFi dependent, we have many who stop here to get school work done - even when power is out within the county (call ahead to check please!).  There are also several homeschoolers who come here for a change of atmosphere.  It has been lovely and everyone is respectful.
So, August is the month when everyone works to get back into a routine.  Getting the kids up, trying to locate all their "stuff" (backpacks, homework, socks AND shoes - did you actually eat your breakfast?), get them in the car or on the bus - haha!  Now it's time to breathe, reset and enjoy your coffee...  Anything you've consumed up to this point is to ensure your children make it out the door alive and maybe on time.  We can bag up some beans for you to make coffee at home if you don't have time to stop by.  Either way, it's a wonderful feeling to be a part of your hectic day.
Thank you and have a safe and happy school year!
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