226.6 Seconds

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the total eclipse on Monday.  We never would have believed people would travel halfway across the country to view a solar event that lasts less than five minutes and is dependent on the weather.  But travel here, they did.  We have a map on our wall to show where people are from.  In 2017, Conniticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and North Dakota were still free of pins on that map until that eclipse.  Prior to that event we were sceptical but this year we're excited!  
To celebrate the celestial phenomenon we have created a special roast and we're calling it 226.6 Seconds which pays homage to the length of totality we will have here on the Square.  Starting Saturday we will also be serving a cosmic latte (while supplies last) and if I can catch up with all my baking I may even be able to wrangle a special treat.
Since it will be 20 years before the next total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States we'd better enjoy this one!  Let's also hope Mother Nature behaves and we have a clear day for wearing our ultra cool eclipse viewing glasses.
We will be open regular business hours Saturday the 6th with a break for lunch, closed Sunday, and open until NOON on Monday if you plan to stop by and caffeinate.

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