We have several beans, roasts, and blends available for sale at our shop. It is our hope to make our beans available for sale on our site soon!

What do we pour into each cup?

A Lot of Love.

Until recently, La Cosecha Coffee Roasters from St Louis were roasting our beans. They set a VERY high bar for us and it has taken us a bit to achieve what we believe are worthy offerings. We currently have our own "Villainous" Blend, a Medium Roast; a Democratic Republic of the Congo Dark Roast; an Ethiopian Light Roast, as well as a seasonal called "Wapiti Winter Blend". More roasts and single origin beans will be coming!   

On tap we have our Cold Brew, charged up with Nitrogen to give you a boost and if you're really looking for a charge try the "Mean Bean" Nitro - one pound of coffee to a gallon of water ratio.  It'll wake you up!

Don't drink coffee?  We have many beverages to offer so if you don't like coffee, we still might have something to tempt you. Our hot tea selection is from The Republic of Tea and we carry many different flavors.  Our cocoa has proven to be a hit and the Italian Sodas are just plain fun.  

Need something cold?  We have a list of flavors available for Shakes and we can also make Fruit Smoothies!

Ready to look at our menu?

Looking for something to go with your beverage?

We have a selection of baked goods from Perfectly Pastry in St. Louis.  Muffins, Scones, and Cookies.  They are all delicious.  Chef Chris is a wizard with sweets and she has roots here in Perryville. 

Need something not quite as sweet?  We can toast a bagel for you.  Each comes with your choice of butter or plain cream cheese.

Need something sweeter?

We have a selection of chocolates from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory in St. Louis.  Each is a little bite of heaven!

Coffee Packaging

One thing we feel strongly about is sustainability. It may take us awhile to achieve a zero carbon footprint but we want to head in that direction. Our packaging is an excellent step. It is 100% compostable including the zipper, valve, and label!